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Collection: Holiday Vintage Release

Happy Holidays! As a special gift to yourself or the craft beer lover in your life, shop from our limited collection of vintage beers packaged between 2017-2020. Sale starts 12p on 12/21, all orders can be shipped statewide or available for Taproom curbside pick up.
Bourbon Barrel Magellan
Mocha Port Barrel Magellan
Port Barrel Magellan

Collection: Core Beer

Our tried and true mainstays offer a little something for everyone. Brewed and packaged year-round for pickup from our Taproom and stores around Ohio!
Daybreak 6-Pack
Pack IPA 6-Pack
614 Lager 6-Pack
Dire Wolf 4-Pack
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Collection: Seasonal Beer

Our rotating variety of fun infusions and traditional seasonal releases! This is an eclectic collection of beer that’s always changing, check back week by week for new brews.
Local Love Bundle
Rooted In Change 6-Pack
Victory Lap 6-Pack
Night Method 6-Pack
PUP 6-Pack
Hefe & Wedge 6-Pack
Abominable Haze 4-Pack
Office Party 4-pack
Cherry Cordial 4-Pack
All the Breakfast 4-Pack
Ladies Who Brunch 4-Pack
Coconut Cream Pie 4-Pack
Chocolate Cinnamon Toast Brunch 4-Pack
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Collection: Malty Beer

Todd's Cupcakes Mixed 4-Pack
Buchenrauch 6-Pack
614 Lager 6-Pack
Night Method 6-Pack
Frühling Maibock 6-Pack
Singularity 6-Pack
Onsetter 6-Pack
Into the Night 6-Pack
Coffee Vanilla Dire Wolf 22oz
Yub Nub Dire Wolf 22oz
Coffee Cherry Vanilla Dire Wolf 22oz
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Collection: Hoppy Beer

Metal Moments 6-Pack
Victory Lap 6-Pack
Pack IPA 6-Pack
PUP 6-Pack
Hop Pink 6-Pack
Abominable Haze 4-Pack
Cone & Bine 4-Pack
Ales for ALS 4-Pack
Royal Nebula 4-Pack
Things We Don't Say 4-Pack
Flotsam & Jetsam 4-Pack
Build your own pack!
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Collection: Sour Beer

Oak barrel-aged wild beers and unique kettle sour infusions!
Limit Break 4-Pack
Wall Market 4-Pack
Gold Saucer 4-Pack
Cosmo Canyon 4-Pack
Boss Red 750ml
Aggregate Swarm 750ml
Terre du Sauvage Green 750ml
Coffee Red Legacy 750ml
Black Mangrove