Collection: Core Beer

Our tried and true mainstays offer a little something for everyone. Brewed and packaged year-round for pickup from our Taproom and stores around Ohio!
Daybreak 6-Pack
WRB IPA 6-Pack
Dire Wolf 4-Pack
614 Lager 6-Pack

Collection: 10 Year Anniversary & Barrel Aged Release

Collection of stouts and barrel aged beers to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary.

Cosmic Brownie Dire Wolf
X Anniversary Blend
10 Year Heaven Hill St Francis
Montresor's Reserve
17yr Dickel Lil' Nippert 22oz
17yr Dickel Lil' Nibbert 22oz
Top Shelf Dire Wolf

Collection: Seasonal Beer

Our rotating variety of fun infusions and traditional seasonal releases! This is an eclectic collection of beer that’s always changing, check back week by week for new brews.
Septemberfest 6-Pack
Santa Was Here 4-Pack
Good at Sports
Oktoberfest 6-Pack
Double Shot Daybreak 4-pack
Foeder Light
Snow Cone ( 6-pack)
Midwest Goodybe 6-pack
Home for the Holidays 6-Pack
Holiday Advent Variety Pack

Collection: Malty Beer

Santa Was Here 4-Pack
614 Lager 6-Pack
Gold Standard 6-Pack
Oktoberfest 6-Pack
Sustinator 6-Pack
Wolfstock Lager 6-pack

Collection: Hoppy Beer

WRB IPA 6-Pack
Giant Orange 4-Pack
Citrus Surf 6-Pack
Snow Cone ( 6-pack)

Collection: Sour Beer

This collection includes barrel-aged and kettle sours brewed with strains of yeast/bacteria that impart a unique range of aromas and flavors. From tart and dry, to straight up funky and acidic, sour beer sets itself apart from what we think of as "normal beer"
Sour Flowers 750ml
Terre du Sauvage Blue 750ml
Terre du Sauvage Green 750ml
Swimming in the Mangrove 750ml
Aggregate Swarm 750ml
Coffee Red Legacy 750ml
Shape of Things to Come 750mL